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Alison Seabeck - Labour MP for Plymouth Moor View

Alison has been one of Plymouth’s local MPs since 2005. From 2005 to 2010 she represented Plymouth Devonport in Parliament; after changes to the constituency boundaries the seat was renamed Plymouth Moor View and Alison was re-elected in May 2010. Alison is currently Shadow Defence Minister. She has responsibility for holding the Tory-led government to account in ensuring the Armed Forces get the best possible equipment they need, when they need it. Alison's previous experience as an MP as a former member of the Commons defence Select committee is set to prove invaluable.  Alison has also taken part in the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme, which gives Westminster politicians firsthand experience of the military. 

Since being elected as our MP in 2005 Alison has worked hard to bring real improvements to Plymouth and to represent local people in Westminster. Alison has campaigned hard to bring jobs and investment to the area, to improve local schools and the NHS and to stand up for the future of the naval base and the dockyard.

Through securing debates and asking questions to ministers Alison has kept Plymouth high on the agenda at Westminster. She has spoken in debates ranging from keeping the frigates at Devonport through to the high water bills faced by all of us in the south west. Alison’s hard work on behalf of the South West saw her appointed to chair the South West Select Committee of MPs between 2009 until the last general election.

After the last general election she was elected to the Defence Select Committee in the House of Commons until her appointment to the Labour frontbench as Shadow Housing Minister in October 2010.

As an MP, Alison spends most of the working week in the House of Commons in Westminster but usually travels down to Plymouth on a Thursday afternoon for a full day of local visits on Friday. Alison and local councillors knock on doors across the constituency throughout the years to pick up on any local issues and also holds regular advice surgeries for local residents within the constituency which can be booked by calling the constituency office (365 617) or she is usually able to help by phone, email or post.

Alison's Maiden Speech

I offer my congratulations to all who have spoken before me on their excellent and heartfelt speeches, and especially to...

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